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unique | organic | natural

Creator of Dust Cosmetics | Wellness Advisor | Licensed Esthetician | Master Makeup Artist

{Wellness Junkie | Vegetarian | Naturetarian | Wanderlusting Mermaid}

Aleah is a creative & passionate visionary, inspiring wellness & positivity in others. She is a solution-seeker & idea-expresser with an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. Born in Upstate New York, one of five children, raised just outside of Cooperstown, New York. She & her family spent weekends at their lodge in the foothills of the part of a family who traveled often you could say she has developed a strong taste for traveling with stamps from nearly thirty five countries on her passport so far.

She studied abroad in Brisbane, Australia at the University of the Sunshine Coast for Design & studied Esthetics at the Aesthetic Science Institute in New York, where she excelled & graduated with honors. Being a Certified Licensed Esthetician & Master Makeup Artist she has worked for & with some of the most successful, well known cosmetic companies in the world. Impressively she has also worked for several elite clothing lines, in London, Sweden & in the US. Aleah is a motivated, unique, passionate individual who is in touch with nature yet elegantly modern. 

This Makeup Goddess enjoys traveling & admires the cultures of our world. Wanting to provide an organic product, in 2004, Aleah started to create DUST. Then in 2006 she took an epic trip to Europe where she researched makeup lines, various cosmetics & Day Spa's. Knowledge gained from her research is exactly what continued to fuel her ambition & determination to create Dust, an organic cosmetic line.

As a dedicated vegetarian, she is highly conscious of what she puts in her body as well as on it. Aleah is very compassionate & involved in awareness of the environment, of animal cruelty & our local communities, which is why she saw the need to create a makeup line like DUST, donating a percent of proceeds to charities, giving back to the community.